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Hi Honeycode team,
I have created FORM to insert data in a specific table.
The table has 6 columns hence form text.
The second value should picklist from table column2 based on the column1 match to first value.
TABLE (UserName)
So if the first value is SV, then the picklist should only see NP & KS.

=FILTER(UserName,"UserName[COL1] =$[PicklistHOF]")

Above filter is working but it is showing COL1 not COL2 in the picklist.

Please advise.

Nikhil Shah

Hello @Nikh-0760 :wave: Welcome to the community!

I'm happy to try to help you, however, I would like to ask for a bit more clarity on what you are trying to do. I understand that you have a form to add data to a table, and that you have a table with 6 columns. Those columns are COL1, COL2, SV NP, SV KS, MS AS, MS MS.

The part that I am not fully understanding is the picklist, specifically "The second value should picklist from table column2 based on the column1 match to first value". Which values are you referring to here? (first and second values). Could you elaborate a bit more on this?

In the meantime, this may be relevant as well - picklists in app builder will display the first column of a table. If you would like to display another column instead, you may want to consider moving that particular column as the first. Please check out this previous topic for more info: Use second column for source of picklist.

Hi Aj.
Thank you for the information. Ys, I have followed the same approach and change the table structure.
Just a curious, it is good to have that picklist should allow to select the column, as every time changing table structure is not possible.

Hi @Nikh-0760, good question and thanks for the response. We've received similar feedback before regarding the ability to have picklists based on columns other than the first. It's something our product team is aware of, but I will add this to the dialogue as well.

That said, in most cases customers have been able to move columns around without much impact, but I realize it can be problematic in certain situations.

Let us know how things go and if you need additional help!

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