【Filter()】syntax error

I want to get a filter that doesn't contain the corresponding string, but the filter doesn't look at the string. what should i do.

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I'm having trouble understanding your question, however, this article might be helpful. If you still have questions, please respond with some additional context and possibly a screenshot example.

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I want to create a table that doesn't contain any specific characters in the filter, but it doesn't reference the characters.


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Does the filter only refer to cells?

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One way to write a formula so it only returns the rows that contain no value (i.e., blank/empty) in a specific column is by parameterizing the conditions in the filter formula using a percent % and double quotes "".

Try this =FILTER(Product_data, "Product_data[JapaneseColumnName]=%", "")

Here is an article that walks through parameterizing conditions in detail if you're interested.

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