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The ORDER BY operator is a quick way to create views of your data according to certain attributes. After applying this to your data, you can also save filtered views of it for future reference.

Let's say your tracking a swim team and want to create views of the data based on their strokes and speeds. This article uses the data shown below.


  1. Click the chevron in the column header you want to sort by > select either Ascending or Descending > click the [X] sign. You table data is now organized based on the column.

  1. Click Save filter > click on the cell where you want the filter to be saved (you can also type it in) > click OK.

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: You can ORDER BY multiple columns and choose to save the filter to cell on a different table, as shown in the video below. If you want these filtered views to come through on an app, you can set a data cell's source in builder to a saved filter (not shown in video).

  1. Click on the funnel icon to view your saved filter.

:mag_right: Formula breakdown!

=Filter(Data, "ORDER BY Data[Speed MPH] ASC")

  • =Filter(Data means go to the Data table and create a filtered view of it
  • "ORDER BY Data[Speed MPH] ASC") means order the table according to the [Speed MPH] column from lowest to highest: ASC (ascending)

You can use ORDER BY with multiple columns by using a formula shown at the end of the video:

=Filter(Data, "ORDER BY Data[Stroke] DESC, Data[Speed MPH]DESC")

  • Go to the Data table and order it by stroke (descending alphabetically, then by speed, descending from highest to lowest

:hammer_and_wrench: Builder tip: You can also choose to remove certain data from a filtered view by clicking the check boxes.

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