Filtered results in automation

Hello everyone,

I have a screen that I am pulling the result (at least I think I am) from a cell and attempting to use that result to filter/pull data from a specific Row in another table to use in an automation.

The screen shot above show the datacell (DataCell8) that I'm using.

Below is the automation I'm attempting to use to send a variable to a webhook.

Essentially I need to send certain columns that match the row of the data from DataCell8

I guess I'm just not understanding the syntax? Or is there an easier way?

Thanks everyone!

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Hi @BradArtman, I can help you with the syntax :slight_smile:

Sounds like this is a Details screen that you've already passed a row into. (By default, this would be called $[InputRow]). This means for the button's automation formulas, you could just point to the desired column of that row (as long as the block's source is the input row).

First ensure that the block's source is the input row:

Your formulas in your Webhook automation will then be as follows (the column name of your row):

Also, since you are looking to send emails with your buttons, note that Honeycode has a "Notify" action in automations that may meet your needs:

Just another method to explore. Let us know if you have any further questions on this! :honey_pot: :honeybee:

Thanks for the quick reply! The challenge I have is that I do have an $InputRow which is feeding the first few details (Last Name, First Name, Email and Branch Number). Those are from one table.

The Automation pulls data from both the First Block which has the above as well as the other Block which contains the buttons.

The Address, email, phone number are feed from another table (called BranchDetails).

If I set the Block with the buttons to the first $InputRow, how would I reference the other table/row/column?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @BradArtman, thanks for those extra details!

For this, you can use FINDROW() to then call the desired dat from the BranchDetails table.

You'll still want to keep the block source as the $[InputRow], since you'll be referring to columns in it to match the correct row (Branch Number, in your case).

Your formulas would then look something like this:
=FINDROW(BranchDetails,"BranchDetails[Branch Number]=[Branch Number]")[Branch Email]

Another option would be to make the Branch Number a rowlink, and then call that rowlink along with the column you're looking for. This is how you'd set that up:

In your first table, format the Branch Number column a rowlink to the BranchDetails table:

This is how the BranchDetails table looks for this example:

And now for your formula, you can call the column with the rowlink and then the column within that rowlink. That would simplify the formula to: =[Branch Number][Branch Email]

Hope this helps! :honeybee:

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You're a lifesaver! The FINDROW worked great! Thanks!

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Awesome! I'm happy that works for you, @BradArtman :smiley: :star2:

And of course, we're always happy to help.

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