Filtering a List Showing Headers


I am trying to add a list to a screen, but filter the list to only items that are greater than 0. (The column that I am trying to get is a number).

I've tried the following:


Which works, and will display a row if it's greater than a zero. The problem that I am having, is it shows the header row. Any one have any idea how I can filter and not have the header row display in the output?

Hi @Geof-02a4 thanks for the question and welcome to the forum! I just tried this out and it appears to me that the header row is not part of the output. Is it possible that you used the Column List or Stacked List shortcut and it added a block with header row in your screen? If so, you'd need to select that block, right click and click on delete.

If this does not solve your problem, can I request a screenshot of your app builder screen (please only share it if it is possible to share and does not contain any personal information).

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Thanks for the reply. I just tried it again today to take screen shots and it's working. I'm not sure if it was just me making a silly mistake, or if you guys did some magic behind the scenes but all seems to work now.

As far as the block header row on the screen, that was there too. But right below it (in the filter results) was the header row showing the same. Either way, it seems to work now.

Thank you for your help!