Filtering data with more than 1 table

Hi All,

Am trying to filter out the data for my picklist using below condition, but its not working kindly help, My scenario is i would like to populate the project details based on the logged in user. have Project Master Table, ProjectAllocation Table which is rowlinked with Project Table and Employee Master table to have employee Id and Project Id

Formula used:


I think we'd need to see screenshots of the tables to give you the correct formula... but this formula isn't structured correctly:

On line 2, you start defining a set of rows to filter, which is ok, but then line 7 declares another table. This is where you'd want to have a condition in quotes.

Also, on line 5, you're trying to filter the Project table by matching the contents of each row's [Project] column to ProjectAllocation[Project]. However, ProjectAllocation[Project] is a reference to a column, and not a specific value.

Thank you