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Hey Honeycoders!

I'm trying to make a personal finance "financial goals achieving" app which would keep track of your Cashflow + give you a model driven approach to uncertainty and answer questions like, "what's gonna change if I get a raise?" "What will we be able to do in case one of us lose a job, how our cash flow changes, how long would we last on savings, e.t.c" + build a plan.

now I'm stuck on getting running total across the months for unspent/uninvested cash... But I see potential in Honeycode here, at least for MVP.

the spreadsheet structure is the following:

Year | Month | Income | Spent | CashFlow | Cash Left

Cash left column should show a running total of Cash Left in the current Month.
Do anybody have an idea on how to implement this?

I'm currently playing around GetRow() with -1 offset, but still cannot produce the result I'm looking for.
I can get the total Cash Left with SUM function, but having it with interim cash left results is a challenge.

Can you please share what you are expecting with sample data.

Thanks for reaching out!
I want to make Running total to behave like this:

Year | Month | Income | Spent | CashFlow | Running_Total_cash_unspent
2020 January 1000 600 400 400
2020 February 1000 750 250 650 <- 400 from prev month + 250 from current month)
2020 March 2000 750 1250 1900 <-- 650 from prev + 1250 from current)

I'm playing around with SUM(Filter(CashFlow,"CashFlow[Month]<%",Month(TODAY()))[Remaining_Cash]) right now to see if it would fit.

So, still beating my head around... probably need another pair of eyes, but:
=sum([Previous_Months][Related CashFlow][Remaining_Cash])

This is the chain:
we start from this table(CashFlow) column [Previous_Months]:

Then access it's filtered result in table CashFlow_Month:

Finally trying to fetch Remaining_Cash of those 2 month (January and February) by accessing CashFlow table:

Result is:

Seems like I'm doing circular reference to the initial table, still aiming to find more proper solution here.

May be the root of all evil is the way I define months..

Ok, Solved.

The trick was to redo the filter on Previous Months from:


as you see, second filter gets Cashflow results directly, which is... hm.. way better:)

Then I use this simple SUM on Runing Total to get the result:


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