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Hi Honeycoders!

Welcome to the updated community! Following the release of our new experience, we’ve made a few changes to make finding the help you need easier.

New experience

Articles specifically related to our new experience are housed in the New Experience category. We’re starting with just a few articles to you get oriented and will continue adding as additional capabilities become available.

New Experience

Classic experience

Articles relating to the classic experience are now grouped in the Classic Experience category. The familiar sub-categories are available with a click.

Classic Exp Category Crop


Since the two experiences have features in common, we’ve incorporated tags to help you search across categories and find the help you’re looking for. We’ve made this simple by tagging the articles:

  • new-experience

  • classic

To search using tags:

  1. Type your search term, as you normally would.
  2. Add either tags:new-experience or tags:classic, depending for which experience help is needed.
  3. Press Enter for the search results to display.
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