Finding a specific cell based on picklist choice

I am in the beginning stages of building a workout tracker. I am new to Honeycode building only one other application. Any difficulties, if any, has been easily solved from the discussions as other people already have had them. My one problem I am having is I am wanting Honeycode to pull data from a specific cell based on what the user picked in a picklist. Example is I want to have content box that automatically displays the users Personal Best, ex. max weight, that they have ever done for that workout type selected in the picklist dropdown list.

Based on the workout group they picked (legs, back etc) workouts are limited in the picklist. LEGS is highlighted to show you it is the static input the filter for the workout type. that picklist is filtered with

=FILTER(workouts,"workouts[WORKOUT TYPE]=$[workout content]")

I have my finished workouts table where the user inputted data on the app from the previous picture.

I made a summary of that table with unique values for workout type and I aggregated information for those unique values. This table updates as finished workouts is added to.

I would like these two areas to display the users personal best based on the specific workout type they have selected in the picklist. Specifically this information would come from the summary table from columns E for max weight and H for max time (seeing this now I realized I need to create another column in the summary table for a max time which isn't on there yet.)

I know how to create an IF array in excel which I assume would work in Honeycode to find the information that I'm looking to obtain. I am wondering however if there is an easier way in Honeycode with filtering. I have searched and found topics but they don't talk about if the source to find the information is from a picklist. I did find this Two Filter condition that may work but I don't know what making all my other cells as picklists is the right option either.
I think I may have been staring at this too long and have coder's block. I am pretty sure the answer is right in front of me. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Evan, welcome to the community! :smiley: :honeybee:

I like your workout app as well; nice use case for Honeycode! :weight_lifting_man: :star2:

To display the user's personal bests, you're on the right track to first create columns that evaluate a MAX. After those are set up, you can use a FINDROW formula to call the row of the selected workout and display the desired max column.

To display the max weight column, the formula would be: =FINDROW(Summary_of_Workouts, "Summary_of_Workouts[WORKOUT TYPE]=$[workout content]")[Max WEIGHT]

For the max time, you would call a max time column instead (i.e. [Max TIME]).

Hope this helps! Let us know if we can assist any further. :slight_smile: :honey_pot:

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