FindRow and Specific Cell



Date Account Last Value
1/31/21 Check $5.00
2/02/21 Saving $6.00
2/03/21 Other $7.00
2/04/21 Check $12.00


Account  Last Value  10 Days Change
Check $12.00 ????

Hello, I try to find the formulas for my 10 days change. I  want to find the value of approx 10 days.


My formulas based on the example above:

=FINDROW(Table1, "Table2[Account]=Table1[Account] AND Table1[Date] < Today()-10"`)

My formula work, but it's show the DATE and a link to the row. I just want the [Last Value] Cell.

What Can I do?

Hi @Sebastien, you're almost there! Simply add a [Last Value] at the end of your formula.

Like this: =FINDROW(Table1, "Table2[Account]=Table1[Account] AND Table1[Date] < Today()-10")[Last Value]

For more info on this concept of dynamically referencing additional columns from a rowlink check out this article: Dynamically Retrieve a Rowlink's Column