FindRow Blues :(

I need help, please - I'm struggling to get my head around FindRow.

I have a tables called PlantDetails and Orders...

"Plant1" is a rowlink that points to the Plant column in PlantDetails, so you can pick the plant you want. I want to use the Total column to lookup the plant name in Plant1 against Plant in PlantDetails and just return the Price at this point.

You can see I get #ERROR! with...

=findrow(PlantDetails,PlantDetails[Plant]=Orders[Plant 1],[PlantDetails[Price]])

In words - in the table PlantDetails, look up the row where PlantDetails[Plant] matches the value in Orders[Plant1] and return the value in the matching [PlantDetails[Price]].

I hope this is clear and makes sense - I've tried all sorts of brackets and speech-marks - sometimes I get #N/A, but I can't get this to work.

Any help greatly appreciated, please.



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Having researched further, I think this should work - in terms of complience with syntax...

=findrow(PlantDetails,"PlantDetails[Plant]=Orders[Plant 1]",PlantDetails[Price])

or maybe...

=findrow(PlantDetails,"PlantDetails[Plant]=Orders[Plant 1]",[PlantDetails[Price]])

...but neither work.

You actually don’t need findrow. Apply this formula to the “total” column.

=[Plant 1][price]

The plant 1 column already holds all the data from the row you picked, not just the name. So once you’ve accessed that row with [plant 1] now you just pull up the data from the price column in that row.

Your findrow formula was trying to find a row Unthroupling plants table, whose first column was also a row in the plants table, which isn’t possible. So yeah, a row link only shows the first value from the row, but the entire row’s data Is in there.


that is genius, and beautifully simple! :smile:
Thank you for taking the time to reply, and for the speed of your response - really appreciate it.


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