FindRow Problem

I've got one table, called "Inventory" which houses a list of Lessons and their relevant data. One of the Columns is "Lesson Hours". I've got another table called "CDS" in which I'd like to be able to select the Lesson ID from a drop-down and have the second column automatically lookup the lesson duration which is in Inventory[Lesson Hours].

I've been trying to use a FindRow function to accomplish this, but cannot get it to work unless I hard-code the string into the formula for each row, which of course defeats the purpose.

My formula looks like this based on what I've read in the forums: =FindRow(Inventory,"Inventory[Lesson ID]=%", $CDS[Lesson ID])[Lesson Hours]

This is simply giving me a "#Error" in the cell.

@BenD-2588 If you're writing that formula in the CDS table, then I think you'd want...
=FindRow(Inventory,"Inventory[Lesson ID]=%", [Lesson ID])[Lesson Hours]

This assumes that "Lesson ID" is a column in both the Inventory and CDS tables.

Thanks for the reply. I still get a #Value error

@BenD-2588 If you can share a screenshot of your tables, I might be able to help more.

I am having same issue. I am trying to read value from variables. Below is my query

=FINDROW(DriverRates,"DriverRates[FROM]=% AND DriverRates[TO]=%",$[FROM],$[TO])[CR]

I am getting #VALUE!

if hard code string in query like below i get correct value

=Findrow(DriverRates,"DriverRates[FROM]=""Kent"" AND DriverRates[TO]=""Seattle""")[CR]

Below is screen from where i am trying to read $[FROM] and $[TO] i checked variable names are correct in data cell properties

That’s strange your formula looks correct to me, assuming the variable and column names are all spelled correctly.

Where is this formula? In an automation?

Thanks Andrew.. Actually I figured out issue was my From and to was pick list from location table

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