FindRow with multiple inputs

Hello :honeybee:'s,

I'm probably getting tripped up on syntax for find row:

=FINDROW($[SYS_USER_GROUPS], "$[SYS_USER_GROUPS][Name] = %", "HC-VendorSetupTeam")>0

Returns true or false if "HC-VendorSetupTeam is found" if it is a user is in that group.

I need to check if a user is in one or more groups. I looked around the docs and then tried to combine it with FILTER() to get the results but I'm just not finding it.

How can this :honeybee: done?

Hi @Matt-1edd :honey_pot: :smiley:

Happy to help! For this, you can use the AND() operator to check if the user is in different groups. The formula would look something like:

AND((FILTER($[SYS_USER_GROUPS], "$[SYS_USER_GROUPS][Name] = %", "Group A")>0),(FILTER($[SYS_USER_GROUPS], "$[SYS_USER_GROUPS][Name] = %", "Group B")>0))

The formula will return true if both arguments are true (user is in both groups). :honeybee:

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Thanks @Alyssa I'm not used to the syntax yet, I switched it to OR and got exactly what I needed!

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@Matt-1edd Great :smiley: :star2:

You're welcome, I'm happy that helped!

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