FindRow( )



FINDROW() is a function that returns a rowlink, from a table or filter, based on a condition. The search is conducted sequentially, starting at the top, and returns the first matching row. If no matching row is found, #N/A is returned.

Compare to the function VLOOKUP, here.


=FINDROW(table/filter formula, "condition", [condition_parameters])


  • Table/filter: A table or filter that returns a list of rows.


  • Condition: This condition is applied to each row in sequence until it is evaluates =TRUE and the matching row is returned. If this field is empty it evaluates =TRUE.

  • Condition parameter: Conditions can be parameterized like A1 = % . In this case, “%” will be replaced by the values provided in the condition parameters before the condition is evaluated.


=FINDROW(Tasks,"Tasks[Owner]=%", "Adam")

Returns the first task belonging to Adam, which is “Buy steaks"

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