Font Awesome Icons

Hi there,
I've been trying to copy and paste an icon from the web, actually from Font Awesome, we can download or copy an icon unicode from there, but when placing it into my app, the icon does not look the way it should.
Is there a way I can do that ? It would be good just to give my app a better and personalized looking.

Hi @Pabl-2603, while I am not familiar with icons from Font Awesome, I can say other customers and our own team have been successful adding unicode emojis to their apps and workbooks. Personally I like to prepend an emoji to my Honeycode app name, so the app is more unique and stands out from the crowd. :slight_smile: You can get pretty creative with them.

My suggestion is if one specific emoji provider does not work for you, I would encourage you to try other free/paid unicode emoji sites as there are some that definitely work with our service.


Thx much aj.

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