Font Colour Help Required

For Example i want to show the data in the column List as Red color when a paticular Date is Reached.

in my below example when date is less then todays date, i want to show that Record as Red colour
how do i write condition for it .

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Hi @Anil-470f, thanks for your question!

It sounds like you want to approximate conditional styling, where if one condition is met, then display the text in one color. And if another condition is met, then display the text in another color.

If so, one way you can do this is to use visibility settings. For reference, check out this link.

Specifically for your scenario, you can create two content boxes, each with a different font color. Then set the visibility setting on each content box so that only the appropriate content box is displayed based on the condition. Note the different formulas in the "Set visibility" input fields.

Hope that helps!

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