Force all cells in column to be consistent

Congrats for this great product, can't wait to move all my projects from Airtable to Honeycode.

I would like to suggest to make columns more consistent, to make it easier to keep the database tidy. For example, in the screenshot attached I typed in incorrect values in the 2 fields marked in yellow. Ideally the system would reject these inputs or create a field in the linked table.

Moderator note: Edited out personal information from the image.

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Hi @Jaime, thrilled to hear you're enjoying Honeycode! :honey_pot: :honeybee:

It's great that you've hopped right in to create a To-Do list, and I can see why you'd prefer this type of functionality when engaging with the Table. I'll share your feedback with the team for review.

Please continue to comment your thoughts on our forum!

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Thank you Taylor, keep up the great work!

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@Jaime did you make these changes in the table itself, or through an app?

You can absolutely keep everything consistently formatted/typed if you make edits through the apps. Just format the editable data cell how you like it.

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