Formatting Tips for apps with a lot of Columns

Does anyone have some tips or tricks to make an app with columns having lengthy words and many data inputs look cleaner from app user's perspective?

Examples of what I am seeking advice on:

Is there any way to add gridlines to divide the users view here?

Is there a way besides stretching the content box to have characters not spill over to the next line?

Posted below are images of these problems I'm experiencing

Hi @TimS-c049, welcome to the community, and thanks for your post! :honeybee: :slight_smile:

To make your data easier to view, we recommend that your List screen only displays key columns, and that you also have a Details screen, which displays the rest of the data of the row.

The App Wizard allows you to quickly create List and Details screens. Using this, you can specify perhaps three or four identifying columns in your list (such as a Project Name, and then Cost Center Number, Cost Center Name, Kick-Off Date), and your Details screen can be set up to include the rest of the data.

You can also try a Stacked List rather than a Column List, if you'd like to show more data or arrange it differently your list screen. See this article to learn more: Lists: Stacked, Column & Blank

For one more tip, you may want to design your app in a mobile view first. If data displays and reads well on mobile, it will be readable on a web view too.

Let us know if this helps, and if you have any other building questions! :honey_pot:

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