Formula contains a circular reference

Hi All,

I was trying to insert non-editable user email Id to be inserted in on the screens and used this formula =$[SYS_USER][Email] in the data for "set initial values" and kept it as variable and display as "auto" but i got this "circular reference" error. How can this issue be resolved?

My use case is I want to capture the user email Id in one of my screens (non-editable).

Hi @vive-acf6 thanks for your post and welcome to the community! :wave:

I tried what you are describing in a new block on my app screen and was able to successfully show the email of the user.

Would you be able to try using that formula in another workbook or create a test workbook to see if you get the error there as well? I want to see if it may be something specific in your current workbook.

Let me know if works.

If it doesn’t and you hit the error after this attempt, can you submit this issue to us via “Report an issue“? You can do this in Honeycode by clicking on help icon in left-hand panel > "Report an issue". Submitting this will provide us with some diagnostic data to help us troubleshoot further.