Formula for alerting a specific user

I have a basic contact table (called Contacts) with names, numbers, email and social media profile info. I have created a form that connects to that. What I want to do is send a confirmation email to the person who is submitting the form, using the address given in the form.
I'm well aware that when I create a notification, the contacts need to be in my 'team'. At the moment I'm just using two team members, both with my own addresses, but I would be wanting clients to use this app. So I can easily select a name from my team. What I want to do instead is have a formula to populate the 'to' field with the email address in the form email.
FINDROW(Contacts, Contacts[Email] = ""$[Email content]""")[Email]

Email content being the email data from the form. I'm just new into this, so trying to learn how it works.

Hi @anon3742227, welcome to the community! :honeybee:

And great to hear that you're learning how to use Honeycode, I'm happy to help you out -

For this ask, you're correct in that those whom you email from Honeycode, will need to be contacts in your Honeycode team. Meaning, what you've entered for your formula will not work, since you will need to be pointing to a contact value instead.

For this to work, you would add your clients to a team, and update the "Contacts" table to store the values of those contacts (do so in the "Name" column by formatting it to Contact, and you can then delete the "Email" column).

Hope that helps clarify. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any more questions around this. :honeybee:

Thanks for your reply Alyssa. Can I check, then, if I add the contact into my team. Then update the 'contacts' table when my form is submitted, can I use any of the variables to tell the app to alert the person who is filling in the form, that their update has been processed?

Also, can I set a conditional alert that only triggers, for example, if the person is in a particular group?


Hi @anon3742227,

Yes, you can achieve both of those actions in Honeycode. :slight_smile: I'll show you how:

To have the app send a notification to the person currently filling out the form, you would use the $[SYS_USER] variable, which stores the data of the current app user.

So to set up your notify email automation in Builder, in the "To" field, you would put =$[SYS_USER] :

You could also put=$[SYS_USER] in the message body to personalize it:

This is the flow of my automation for reference, if it helps to see too:

Then for the second part of your question, you can add a column to your "Contacts" table that allows you to specify a group for a contact (I set up another table of groups and made it a rowlink format to that table):

Then in your automation for the notification email, you can specify in the "Run Options" to only send an email if the current app user is in a particular group. The formula will look something like this, which you can see in my example: =(FINDROW(Contacts,"Contacts[Name]=%",$[SYS_USER])[Group])="Group A"

Now when the user clicks on the "Submit" button they will only get that message if they are in that particular group. With this method, you can also then add other notify actions with custom messages for each group.

Let me know if this helps. :slightly_smiling_face: :honeybee:

Thanks, I'll try them when I'm back at it on Monday and let you know. Many thanks for taking the time to demo this to me.

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Great, that sounds good, @anon3742227 :slight_smile:

And of course, I'm happy to help!

I managed to get this working with your help Alyssa. Cheers!


Excellent to hear :slight_smile: Glad you got it working, @anon3742227!

Feel free to bring any other questions or thoughts you may have as you continue to explore Honeycode. :honeybee:

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