Formulas Breaking with new Table Rows

Hi all! I'm pretty new to tables and formulas so I might be doing something wrong. I have a few formulas set up in my table and they work well when I manipulate the table directly in the table editor, but when I create a new table row through my app the formulas all return a #NAME? error.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @aidendj13 !

We'll probably need some screenshots to be able to help, but some things to checkout:

Hi @aidendj13
As Andrew said, we will need some screenshots to be able to help. As a reminder, please do not share any screenshots containing private information.

Other posts that might help:

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Thanks for the replies! I actually figured out that the problem was that that "Done" automation was writing blank data to those cells. Removing those cells from the automation fixed the problem!

Thanks for your help!

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