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Hi, Im losing my mind here...
Im trying to create a workflow for user autentication when taking some actions....
Soooo... I have an user table(with name and pass), an activeUser table(only one cell) and two input fields that when the user fills it, it is supposed to test if the user on the user table and its pass are true, and then overwrite on the activeuser table...
How: simple login button with the overwrite function with the run step test to see if the user and pass meet.... THATs the problem....

Here is the run step formula


it wont work... if I replace the valiables with plain text and run it... it works... as soon as I put the variables in, it stops...


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it seems it has somthing to do with the variable referal on the FINDROW formula....

By creating a data cell with value:

it works... as soon as I replace the "user" for a variable like so
or even

it stop working....
any ideas???

Hi @Dr_Leandro,

I appreciate you reaching out.

According to your post, I think the issue may be that you are comparing two different format values. I would imagine that Eqp_MR_Db[MR] is an auto/plain text format and $[user] is possibly a contact format. If my assumption is correct, if you try to compare the value with a text format "user", it matches the condition, but if you replace it with a variable that contains contact format $[user], the condition does not match.

Modifying and matching the condition's format would be the easiest fix.

I hope this was helpful, and if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yeah it worked... Ive changed for a simple input box and it did the thing it is supposed to... thx!

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