Get access to the read only API into the Basic plan

First of all thank you for such great platform! It brings a lot of possibilities for builders :slight_smile:Considering that currently the level of integration with other solution is very limited, it will be great to get only the GetAccessData API into a Basic plan or with a smaller cost than the Plus plan (which provides much more capabilities). If you are on the situation that you don’t need more than 20 users and 2500 rows, and you just need to integrate your Honeycode with a Lambda function for read-only access to your data, you have to pay at least 19,99$... please could you propose an intermediate plan for those that just need to get access on their data (reporting purpose, lambda function or storage in a database)? Thank you :pray:

Hi Joel, thanks for the feedback on pricing. Since launch, we have been actively listening and gathering lots of customer feedback. Please keep the detailed feedback coming and stay tuned to our Announcements page for new features and pricing updates. (

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