Get the value from other tables cells

Hi how could we fetch values from other tables cell values as
=Customer!A2( as in excel)

hi @deek-7f46, glad you are trying out honeycode and this forum,

Yes it is possible to use cell coordinates like you do in Excel. I have used it in a prototype to refer to some help text that I kept in a table. You can read more about it here:

However we recommend you use the actual column name in general as it is more flexible. Even in my case I've eventually switched to a column based approach and used the findlastrow() to find the actual row from where I wanted to take the value.

It may help to think of the tables in Honeycode as tables in a database with relationships rather than static fields on a spreadsheet. You can create lookup tables and use the find and filter commands to pivot into other tables, or select certain rows in a display.

Here are more resources on Find* and Filter functions:

I don't know your exact use case but hopefully this will give you some pointers.

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