Getting ResourceNotFoundException while calling DescribeTableDataImportJob operation

I can confirm the information required to get status of a job is correct.

The command is like below:

aws honeycode describe-table-data-import-job \
--workbook-id 'cb6f4828-04e6-4df6-a655-7d82fb50d5d4' \
--table-id '90662fc8-2f76-4e93-af0b-ec3a73739db4' \
--job-id ‘a69b1d21-cb3e-43b2-bbaa-45cf95e09fc4’

I have provided the correct information as needed but i'm getting this error. What could be the issue?

Note that, I'm using IAM user which has the required permission.


An error occurred (ResourceNotFoundException) when calling the DescribeTableDataImportJob operation: We're have trouble finding one or more Ids from the input provided. Please check Workbook/Job Ids provided

Hi @asad0x01h1,

Thanks for your waiting.

The command and the parameter you are using are perfectly fine. I think the issue is that you have used back tick instead of using apostrophe after --job-id which is making it invalid. Please try to change the back tick (`) to apostrophe (') and enter it exactly similar as you have used in --table-id. It will look something like this:

--job-id 'a69b1d21-cb3e-43b2-bbaa-45cf95e09fc4'

Hope this will be helpful. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further question.