Getting Started with Honeycode's New Experience Checklist

Here's a quick checklist to follow while you build in Honeycode's new experience. Once the app is ready, share it with your team!

Welcome to Honeycode!

Honeycode helps your teams be more productive, faster. Use Honeycode as a solution to inefficiencies in project management, operations, customer pipelines, resource tracking, and approval workflows.

Your app can be used by teams of ten or by hundreds of people across an organization.

Work backwards in Honeycode

Here at Honeycode, we encourage you to think backwards. This video explains what we mean by that and how working backwards helps you build faster.

white_check_circle Create an app

Now you're ready! Let's start by creating an app using the Project Tracker template.

Sign in to Honeycode, then click create app in the upper right corner. Select Use the new experience , then select Project Tracker .

white_check_circle Invite a teammate

Teams are essential in Honeycode. It's how you collaborate. Adding team members lets you share workbooks and apps.

To invite team members, in the Teams page, go to Add team member in the upper right corner. In the invite modal, enter email addresses of people you’d like to invite to your team. By default, their role will be set to “team member,” but you can change roles (optional). You’re ready to Invite!

white_check_circle Share your app

Share this first version of your app. You're now in position to collaborate on quickly making the app fit your team's needs.

To share an app, click Share in your Dashboard. Type the email addresses of your team members or those you want to invite to your team and with whom you want share. Then, click Update.

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