Glad Amazon has joined the No-Code game

Hi Team:

No suggestions yet, but there's so much potential in what you've done already. Created an account and kicking around ideas. I look forward to how the platform matures. Here's to hoping for a robust and feature-full future.

Thanks for all the work so far!


Hey @Reyn-8c2f - thank you so much for your kind words! I will make sure to pass them along to the rest of the team.

Looking forward hearing from you again soon.


And please share my observations as well -

What the Honeycode team has done is to quietly outflank all the near-codeless platforms by setting the stage to integrate seamlessly with all the types of things that typically trip up users who need more than just Airtable (for example) to create an ideal solution.

Things such as microservices (Lambda), object storage (S3), and commerce (Merchant Services). These are the things that make good solutions a possibility in an API or automation economy. But the watershed moment in my experience is the event architecture; this is a game-changer because most code-free platforms (thus far) have missed the importance of this underpinning. Lastly, security - I’m not a security-minded expert, but Honeycode will not likely disappoint anyone who has struggled to shape and share information across their teams and partners with near-perfect precision.

But closer to Airtable’s home is the idea that Honeycode starts with the premise that all solutions - regardless of type: mobile or web, and any target audience - depend on and circle the fundamental essence of data. This is their way of saying "your solution is more about data and less about tables and fields, and schemas. It appears the Honeycode platform is attempting to elevate the essence of near-codefree apps to a level that allow users to focus on the app and the UI/UX features without getting bogged down in the minutia of how best to create complex data structures and fields that perform links and such.

My experience is that they’ve designed this to help you begin from a solution-centric perspective; data is important but a high-level solution design that meets key business requirements seems to come first. This is a polarity swap that may be difficult for Notion, Coda, and Airtable users to adjust to.

And do not under-estimate the strategery behind Honeycode; Amazon has a precise definition of “data” (which is extremely abstract and fluid) that is not identical to the definition of a “database” (which can be extremely limiting). Google also shares this subtle architectural enlightenment.

Two huge thumbs up for the present and likely future integration possibilities across the AWS eco-system.

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