Grouping Dates or Pulling Dates from a List

Is it possible to Filter a Table so that a column of multiple repeating dates would only show the date once? I probably FUBAR'd that explanation, so example for say an expense tracker:

Table 1
08/01/2022 $10
08/01/2022 $10
08/02/2022 $20
08/03/2022 $20
08/03/2022 $20
08/03/2022 $10

I would want Table 2 to pulled the dates and add the totals:
Table 2
08/01/2022 $20
08/02/2022 $20
08/03/2022 $50

I have an idea how to do the calculation of the totals in the second column, but cant figure a way to group the dates.

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Yes, here are some articles explaining how to do this-
Filters in Honeycode

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