Harnessing Data in Amazon Honeycode

Course Level: Intermediate
Time: 45 minutes

In this training course, you will boost your Honeycode building and data modeling skills. Guided by a template, you will deep-dive into rowlinks, formulas, and functions. Learn how to create amazing Honeycode apps that help your teams build a better way to work.

The course begins with a review of the key building blocks for building data relationships in Honeycode: rowlinks , formulas , and functions . Using the Team Task Tracker template, you will explore how data is structured in the tables. You will then take a close-up view of how that data is reflected and managed in the Honeycode Builder.

You will learn how and when to apply key Honeycode functions such as FILTER(), THISROW(), and FINDROW(). Throughout the course, you will gain an understanding of useful data modeling concepts and design patterns that can help create effective applications.

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