Help on Filters


here i need to pick the Email body depending on Type

below is the Formula i have used it,
=INDEXROW(FILTER(NotificationType, "NotificationType[Type]=%", "InitalMigration"), 1)
here ouptut is InitalMigrarion

This is returning the data from Type column, but i need data from Email Body

i need the out put as " Hi this is Initail Migarion " data from Email body column

Hi @Anil-470f-

I've recently worked through a similar challenge taking the same approach you're attempting here, and was able to realize success by additionally specifying the desired column from the row the INDEXROW function is returning. In this case for your example, it would look something like:

=INDEXROW(FILTER(NotificationType,"NotificationType[Type]= % ", "InitialMigration"),1)[EmailBody]

Using a similar table as you've shown above, I was able to surface the EmailBody:

Hopefully that helps. Make it a great day!

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When i apply this formula on table it is working ,
but in the form this is causing issue,
it is giving message like "Source is Expected to return a cell reference"
Please help

Ah, I misunderstood your ultimate intent here, @Anil-470f.

Could this problem be solved with a Picklist in your form as shown below? ("$[TypeContent] refers to the data cell next to 'Type' in the image)


Hi @Anil-470f,

In your second message where you are getting an error that "Source is expected to return a cell reference", I believe the word Initial is mis-spelled in your parameter as Inital. Please review it to confirm.

Also, you can use FindRow instead of IndexRow(Filter(...), 1).

=FindRow(NotificationType, "NotificationType[Type]= % ", "InitialMigration")[EmailBody]

FindRow returns the first row that meets the filter criteria. See: