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Hello! So I am building a Safety Incident Reporting App...

I have my main table "Incidents" . In the incidents table I have a column which is a Rowlink to table "Employee Location" in Employee Locations I list all of the Locations but I also indicate what Region (North, Central , South) said locations fall into ... I also have a Regions table that contains 3 records (North, Central, South). I didn't want the user to have to pick the region. So in the incidents table or employee locations table how do I report what region?


Hi @MJ :honeybee:

Your tables and data relationships are already set up for this, so you're quite close; I'll just show you what formulas to put into your columns. :slight_smile:

In your Incidents table, in the Region column, add a formula that retrieves the region associated with the location. In your case, you would do =Incidents[Employee_Location][Region]:

Then for your FILTER formula in the Region table, filter the Region column in the Incidents table by the region name of that row:


That will give you all of the incidents related to that region. Hope this helps, and let us know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: :honey_pot:

Thanks easy when you type the formula...I was close. :blush:


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