Highlight Initial Value in Picklist

Hi everyone!
On my screen, I have an editable column list that displays an initial value in the picklist for each column when you first get to the screen. When I select a picklist to edit the value, the current initial value is not highlighted in the picklist. Therefore, if there's certain values you can't see completely due to space issues, I want to be able to select the dropdown and see the current value highlighted so I can see the entire value. How can this be done?

I really appreciate the help!

I don't think there's a way to do so inside the picklist, but you can create a data cell next to the picklist that always shows the full value of what's selected.

For example:

I made a small data cell, named it "a", and formatted it as a picklist. Create a second data cell, and source it to the row selected by the picklist, and then a column within that row. Now you have a bigger space to show the value.

You could even write a condition in the "display" settings to only show this full version if the value returned by that row+column is longer than a certain number of characters if you want to get fancy. :slight_smile: