Honeycode app on ios10

Is there any way you can work the app so it can be installed on devices running iOS 10?

I need to use multiple input devices in a room and to get tablets on android 8+ or phones on iOS 11+ able to do this is looking way too expensive
Old iPhones would do the job but this app just seems too limited as can’t even be accessed on safari, even though it is listed as a supported browser

Hi @Cliv-cd10, welcome to the community, and thanks for your post! :honey_pot: :honeybee:

As you've noted, Honeycode mobile apps are supported on iOS 11 + and Android 8.0 + :

However, I'm happy to pass along to the team your request for additional iOS version support. For additional info, could you let us know how many users on your team this is impacting? And for the time being, are you able to still work in Honeycode on web?

In regards to using Safari; This browser is supported on desktop, so if you are having trouble, please submit an issue report to us with any screenshots and relevant details. (Perhaps via another browser working for you on the same account, by clicking on the Help icon > "Report an issue".)

Just looked at install on App Store and now says iOS 14 onwards
I’ve been getting iPads with iOS 11+ to run app in tournaments and now you pull this one so they are now obsolete
Even if I’m able to use the “classic” model for a while this means £360 down the drain
Absolutely no thought or care given to users!!!!

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