Honeycode | Feature Requests & Feedback Announcement

Hello Honeycoders!

We’d like to take this time to welcome all of you to our community and let you know how much we’ve appreciated reading your valuable feedback. It’s great to see many of you diving into Honeycode and building your first app, along with helping others build theirs. Keep it up! Now that Honeycode has been live for a week, we’d like to cover an important topic to ensure that your voice is heard.

Feature Requests & Feedback:
We’re getting a lot of great feedback and suggestions from all of you. We’re listening to every one of you. However, to help us prioritize and make decisions around requests, we’ll need a little more information. To help with this process, please use the following format when sharing your suggestions so we have deeper insight into your feature request:

  • What’s your feature request? Example, “Export app data to PDF” (you can use this as the topic title)
  • What’s the problem that you’re looking to solve? Example, “I’m building a project status tracking app for my team of six. I’d like to export views in my web app into a PDF on a weekly basis so I can send it out to external stakeholders.”
  • How are you/is your team currently blocked? Example, “Since I can’t export into a PDF, I don’t have the option to share information in a clean way to my stakeholders. I have to copy and paste information in various tables, which isn’t convenient.”

Before sharing your suggestion, do a quick search to see if someone has already posted the same request. If you do find an active Topic or thread, there are two different actions you can take:

  • Heart “Like” Icon: Use this heart icon when you agree with the poster and couldn’t have said it better. Please also avoid using “+1” as per our Community Guidelines.
  • Comment: If you agree with the poster, but have a different use case, comment on the thread and provide these additional details around your experience.

For reference, this template will live on our ‘Your Suggestions’ category. You can click here to view it at any time.

Thank you again for contributing to the conversation. We appreciate you joining our growing community and look forward to hearing more of your feedback!

Honeycode Team

P.S. As a reminder, be sure to complete your community profile if you haven’t yet! Here’s a quick guide to show you how.