Honeycode is extremely slow and full of errors

Sorry to put this way. I know many of the Honeycode team and specialists are polite and kind to help. However when there are more and more rows added to my honeycode app, it became unacceptably slow. There are only 2000 rows in my 4 tables. Yes, there might be some inefficient FILTER, ROWS, FINDROW, or even TODAY()/NOW(). I checked Best Practices for Optimizing Performance and about to make some refactors to improve the efficiency of my data model. However, the HoneyCode application is just too slow to make any change. Adding table, or delete table usually got error or timeout. Scrollbar doesn't work all the time. Adding one row may take as much as 10 minutes (not seconds) I am sure there is no network issues (ping to the many US servers are 30-80ms)

Some typical errors are:

[TableBuilder] Timeout Error: response to get rows for PICKLIST popup not received after 5 seconds. 
[TableBuilder] Matching RMS notification not received for earlier operation(s)  
[WorkspaceMiddleware] TaskRunner(WORKSPACES/REMOVE_ASSET): FAILURE/Failure: Response Notification for request not received within 30000 msec. Request ID: 7adde708-fdcd-4316-b8fd-2ebe9f1a9ac8 EventType: SheetDeleted 
 [TableBuilder] Failed to add sheet 

[Sheets] End timer "RMS Subscription SheetWildcard": 1364.60
[Sheets] End timer "RMS Subscription Workbook": 0.00
[Sheets] End timer "Load Workbook": 1598.40

Hi @Jove, thanks for your post and for sharing what you're experiencing in Honeycode -

There's different factors that could cause the slowness; Could you submit this to us in an issue report in Honeycode? Once you see the error, click on the Help icon > Report an issue. The logs will help our team see what may be going on.

Also, could you let us know if you are only seeing it with this particular app or any others as well?

I only built one app on HoneyCode, so I don't know whether the similar issues will appear in other apps.

Anyway, I have moved to Google Sheets + AppSheet. I have to say it's much much better. Full spreadsheet experience in google sheets, including formula, and AppSheet provides very nice data and visualization, as well as good example and AI support. Sorry HoneyCode. I love to use AWS in general, but HoneyCode doesn't meet my expectation.

Hi @Jove, I am sorry to hear of the performance issues you had experienced. We value your feedback and have been working with our engineering teams to better understand what is going on with this. If there is anything else we can do to help, just let us know.