Honeycode Pricing

In Basic Plan will I get 2,500 rows/workbook per month? or total I get 2,500 rows/workbook?

I hope i'm interpreting this right.

Amazon Honeycode is free to use for teams with up to 20 members and 2,500 rows per workbook. It doesn't state a time period nor a limit on the number of workbooks.

Yes, in the $0 a month, it's a little ambiguous due to the mashing of time + limitations. But it's Total

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Thanks @karbonphyber for chiming in too, as you are correct.

For the Basic plan, you have up to 2,500 rows per workbook for an unlimited amount of workbooks.

The per month charge is based on when you start and stop a particular plan (Refer to Pricing & Billing FAQs for info on different plans).

Hope that helps clarify! Let us know if you have any other questions around this.

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I see in all 3 plans the limit is "20 members", but I don't see any way to increase the number of members. I assume this means that a "Team" has a 20 member max, with no way to increase the limit. So, if I build a HoneyCode app to be used by a team of 100 or 1,000 users, I cannot do so at this time?

Hi @Philisco,

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When you sign up, your team is created on the Basic plan. Up to 20 people can be added to teams on the Basic plan for free. If more than 20 people are required, you can upgrade to a Plus or Pro plan.

For more information you can refer to the Pricing and Billing FAQ article.

Is there a fee per user if you have a Plus/Pro Plan? The guide on your FAQ says "Includes 20 Members" so what is the cost per member when you exceed 20?

Hi @Jose-4a2f,

As for the cost per member when you exceed 20, it is $9.99/month per additional member for the Plus Plan, and $19.99/month per additional member for the Pro Plan.