Honeycode Release Notes - April 2021

Hi Honeycoders,

The Honeycode bees are so pleased to see spring flowers popping up; they’ve been inspired to build new features for the hive. Check out the new ability to request access to apps.

Along with the new, comes the improved. Collaborators with invite permissions are now able to share workbooks and apps, plus invite new team members from more places within Honeycode. We also made it easier for AWS account admins to set up single sign-on for Amazon Honeycode in the AWS Management Console. Read on to see all the buzz!

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What’s New

:door: Request access to app

Have you had a colleague share the link to an app they use, one built with Honeycode? They’re excited at how easy it’s been to work with the app but when you click the link, you don’t have access. We made requesting access to apps easy, right inside Honeycode. By default, anyone with an app link can request access. Workbook owners still control granting access and who can request access on an app-by-app basis.

Check out our updated sharing workbooks & apps article for full details.

What’s Improved

:earth_americas: Invite and share from almost anywhere

Our Honeycode bees have made inviting new team members and sharing apps even easier. You are now able to invite and share in the following areas:

  • In My Drive you can invite & share any workbooks and apps
  • In Tables you can invite & share your current workbook (which includes any apps in the workbook)
  • In Builder you can invite & share your app or, use the pull-down to share your workbook, which includes any apps in the workbook
  • In Builder, when pre-viewing an app in browser, you can invite & share your app
  • In app, whether in browser or on mobile, you can share your app

We’ve updated our adding team members article to give you the details.

:cloud: Self service SSO onboarding

We now offer self-service onboarding for customers who want to enable single sign-on. Teams on the Honeycode Pro or Plus plans can easily take advantage of access to Honeycode through a single authentication source. Admins can better manage team access and user provisioning with enhanced security controls.

Check out our Honeycode Admin guide on AWS Documentation for details about setting up single sign-on.

We hope you like using the new features. Happy building!

The Honeycode Team :honeybee:

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