Honeycode Releases & Updates | Launch Manager and Timesheet Templates

Hi Honeycoders,

You submitted your vote on the template poll, and today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve released not one, but TWO new templates: Launch Manager & Timesheet.

Templates Overview:

Launch Manager: The Launch Manager template is designed specifically to help your organization mitigate the mess and get a new product or project off the ground with clear, centralized tracking.

Timesheet: The Timesheet template is designed so your team has a tool to submit their hours (Regular and PTO) for a given week. There are two apps:

  • Timesheet for Employee app allows employees to create and submit timesheets for a selected week. They can add their start and end times for each day, submit PTO, and view their PTO bank.

  • Timesheet for Manager app allows managers to review, approve, and deny timesheets submitted by your team. You can send reminders to employees that still need to submit. There's also an admin screen, which allows you to add team members and define weeks for timesheets.

To access these templates, click on the blue ‘Create workbook’ button in My Drive in the upper right-hand corner > Timesheet Manager or Launch Manager.

We’re here to help you build and customize your template to best fit your needs—simply let us know! For more information on the Timesheet and Launch Manager templates, we recommend reviewing our Product Launch Template and Timesheet Template articles.

Whether you’re launching a new product or project, or managing your team’s timesheets, we hope our two new templates help you achieve your goals.

Honeycode Team