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Hi Honeycoders,

Take control of your meetings with our new Meeting Runner Template! If you're having trouble organizing meetings or tracking meeting notes and action items, then this is the template for you. The Meeting Runner allows you to focus on what matters, and moves your team forward.

Template Overview:

The Meeting Runner template provides your team a tool to capture important meetings, meeting notes, and action items with real-time collaboration. You or a teammate can create a meeting and invite others to the meeting. All attendees see the meeting in the Honeycode app on their phone or web and can enter meeting notes while the meeting is ongoing. When a meeting is done, the Facilitator can archive it so it doesn't clutter the view.

To access this template, click here or on the blue ‘Create workbook’ button from My Drive in the upper right-hand corner > Meeting Runner.

Check out the Meeting Runner article to learn more about the template. We're also here to help you customize this template to fit your business or use case—simply let us know!

Honeycode Team

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