Honeycode to AWS Services

Hi Honeycode Community!

I was wondering if honeycode can integrate to other AWS web services ? , for exapmle do a visualiztion in quicksight using data generated in honeycode. Any reference or documentation would help!
Thanks in advanced!

Hi @John-ce1c,

Thanks for your question here! :honeybee:

You can programmatically access and connect your Honeycode data to other AWS services using Honeycode APIs.

Here's an article for reference that can help: Getting Started with Honeycode APIs

I'll note too that native integration of Honeycode with other AWS services has been a popular request to our team. If there are any other particular services that would be helpful to see integrated with Honeycode, feel free to add your ideas to this thread. :honey_pot:

Hi @John-ce1c, check out this link as well: https://github.com/aws-samples/amazon-honeycode-quicksight-integration-sample

Hi @John-ce1c, we're thrilled to announce integrations with Zapier and Amazon AppFlow, allowing you to connect your existing workflows and data sources with your Honeycode apps, plus new Honeycode APIs. View our Release Notes - December 2, 2020 for all of the details :honeybee: