Honeycode to AWS Services

Hi Honeycode Community!

I was wondering if honeycode can integrate to other AWS web services ? , for exapmle do a visualiztion in quicksight using data generated in honeycode. Any reference or documentation would help!
Thanks in advanced!

Hi @John-ce1c,

Thanks for your question here! :honeybee:

You can programmatically access and connect your Honeycode data to other AWS services using Honeycode APIs.

Here's an article for reference that can help: Getting Started with Honeycode APIs

I'll note too that native integration of Honeycode with other AWS services has been a popular request to our team. If there are any other particular services that would be helpful to see integrated with Honeycode, feel free to add your ideas to this thread. :honey_pot:

Hi @John-ce1c, check out this link as well: https://github.com/aws-samples/amazon-honeycode-quicksight-integration-sample