How can I change my email address associated with Honeycode?

Hello Team,

How change my email address associated with Honeycode?


Hi @San,

Thanks for your question here!

As of today, there is no UI feature in Honeycode that would allow you to change the email address associated with your account.

However, I'm in touch with our team about this, and am passing this along as an improvement request to possibly add this capability to a future update of Honeycode.

Let us know if you have any other feedback or thoughts around this, and I'll be happy to share it with the team. :honeybee:

Thanks ALyssa!

Only reason I want to change current email address because of AWS. My account was disabled as per customer support they cannot reactivate disabled account, recommend me to create new AWS account.

I am happy to create new account. But not sure how move my apps; honeycode does not allow me to backup and move.

Any recommendation is highly appreciated

Hi @San,

Got it, thank you for sharing those details -

I brought this to our team's attention, and we can further assist with this in a private thread. Can you submit this to us as an issue report in Honeycode? (In Honeycode, click on the Help icon in the left-hand panel > "Report an issue".)

We'll be able to assist you there. Thank you!

Sure will do.

Hi @San,

Just confirming here that we've received your issue report, and I'll get some eyes on it.

Thank you!