How can I compare a variable in picklist format with a variable in auto format?

Hi, I have a table1 called "Team" and it has several fields like: name, place and support. Additionally, I have table2 called "Support" in which I put more information such as the nameSupport, time and person. I have related both tables and I have created a picklist in the Support column to be able to obtain the information of table 2. In App Builder, I would like to obtain the information of Table2 and for this, I make a comparison between the support column of Table1 with the value of Table2 nameSupport. When I do this I get the following message: "The formula contains missing or incompatible arguments". I think it is because I am comparing two variables with different format, a picklist with a normal variable, I have tried various things but the error keeps, in this case, how could I do it?

Thanks, Lisseth

Hi @Liss-3cc7,

Welcome to the community! Thanks for posting here, I'm happy to help you out :slight_smile:

A picklist will allow you to select rowlinks, which each contain data of an entire row. This means that when you want to compare a single column to a column in a rowlink, you will need to specify the column in that particular rowlink.

To call a particular column in a rowlink, the syntax would look something like: [Rowlink][Column]

So for your example, to call the columns in your Support rowlink, they each would look something link:

I hope that helps with your formulas! :slight_smile:

If you're still having trouble, could you provide us with a screenshot of the formula you are entering and the error? Let us know any other helpful details too around how your screen and tables are set up.