How can I use automation when "change column" taking "value before" and "value after"

I am implementing this automation using the values:
Trying with:
$[previous][column] , thisrow()[column], [column], $[column]
The action is insert in a log table. The event is triggered but I can not obtain the values wanted.

But don't is Ok.

Hi @Javi-1285,

I appreciate you getting in touch.

Based on your automation screenshot, it appears that multiple tables are involved. It would be helpful if you could provide more details about your tables and elaborate more on your use case.

Thanks Pankaj, this is the sequence:
Table log: (initial)

Automation configuration:

NOw, it's work ok!!!!.
I clicked in the "as value" option instead of "as formula".
I don't understand, for me "as value" is when is a constante value like "Hello" for example.
For me "$[Previous] is like "as formula"..., then which is the diference between "as value" and "as formula"?

Hi @Javi-1285,

I am glad to see it working. I understand the confusion between the terms "Value" and "Formula". Refer to the section "Add a row" of the triggers-actions article.

Hopefully, this will help. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.