How can I use more than 100,000 rows

I want to use more than 100,000 rows.
The PRO plan allows us to use only 100,000 rows.
What should I do?

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Hi @yuya-43fe, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

You're correct in that Honeycode's Pro Plan has a restriction of 100,000 rows per workbook.

However, I'm in touch with our team in regards to your question here. Could you let us know more around your use case for Honeycode and what requirements you are looking for?

Thank you for your reply.
I plan to use Honey Code for merchandise management.
We have more than 100,000 products so far, so I think we need more than 100,000 row.
We look forward to your reply.

Hi @yuya-43fe,

Got it, thank you for sharing that info!

Depending on how you'd like to set up your inventory management, you may be able to use Honeycode with less rows and still meet your needs.

One example we have would be to use a smaller amount of SKU with a quantity of the items, rather than having a row for each individual item. An idea that could be paired with this, would be to automatically notify contacts when stock of a certain item is getting low (stock management).

You could also convert sold items to revenue, and have them be removed from the current inventory.

Just ideas. :slight_smile: There's different solutions that may work, and we'd be happy to assist with the data modeling around this. :honeybee:

Hi Alyssa,

Sorry for hijacking this thread :slight_smile:

I'm also interested in knowing if it's possible to use more than 100,000 rows. I'm working on an app that may (not sure yet), need more in the future, and if I know now already this won't be possible, using Honeycode is a no go.

The app will basically have a list of customers and suppliers, and the products they need/sell and what the asking/bid price is. This would be used by sales people when visiting those customers, to quickly work out what's available and can be offered. They don't want a full fledged CRM or Finance solution for this, just a lightweight app combining things, but you can imagine with a lot of customers, and a lot of products, the total number of rows might grow beyond 100,000 eventually.


Hi @pvanberlo,

Welcome to the community! :honeybee:

Thanks for chiming in here and providing details around your business use case. I can see how in your scenario you could eventually reach 100,000 rows as well.

For a suggestion, perhaps you could explore using Honeycode APIs for a solution to archive older data. With Honeycode APIs, you can extract and store data in another location such as S3. So for example, if your Honeycode workbook nears 100,000 rows, you could archive older data in S3 and delete it from the Honeycode tables to allow you to continue to collect new data.

Let me know if that idea helps :slight_smile:

I'll note too that I'm passing along your note to our team to evaluate in regards to supporting additional rows. Feel free to add any other thoughts or details on this, and I'll be happy to share it with the team. :honey_pot:

Hey @Alyssa,

thanks for the response :slight_smile:

I've actually thought about archiving old data, but this will be challenging. In this specific case, if they receive an offer of products from a supplier, or a request for goods at a specific price for a customer, this might need to be available for months until such requests are fulfilled or until it's clear that goods are no longer available. I will however discuss this, to see if this will work. I'm still afraid that eventually the cap will be hit, it might take some time though.

Also thanks for sharing this with the team, I can imagine while Honeycode grows, that this question will come up more often.

Hi @pvanberlo,

Got it, thank you for sharing where you may still hit the row limit -

I'm wondering for this particular scenario if the solution I offered earlier in the thread could work for your data modeling. Perhaps you could have a single row that contains a particular SKU or request ID for the product offer with a quantity column, rather than separate rows for each item. You may have already read that idea earlier, but I just want to ensure that it was considered. :slight_smile:

If you're bumping into the row limit after you have a chance to explore different options, let us know if you'd like us to look at your data model and app. We're happy to help brainstorm ideas to improve it. :honeybee:

And yes, as both Honeycode and users like you continue to grow and scale, this is great input for our team to have. Please keep your thoughts coming, all of it helps! :honey_pot: :slight_smile:

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