How can I use more than 100,000 rows

I want to use more than 100,000 rows.
The PRO plan allows us to use only 100,000 rows.
What should I do?

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Hi @yuya-43fe, welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

You're correct in that Honeycode's Pro Plan has a restriction of 100,000 rows per workbook.

However, I'm in touch with our team in regards to your question here. Could you let us know more around your use case for Honeycode and what requirements you are looking for?

Thank you for your reply.
I plan to use Honey Code for merchandise management.
We have more than 100,000 products so far, so I think we need more than 100,000 row.
We look forward to your reply.

Hi @yuya-43fe,

Got it, thank you for sharing that info!

Depending on how you'd like to set up your inventory management, you may be able to use Honeycode with less rows and still meet your needs.

One example we have would be to use a smaller amount of SKU with a quantity of the items, rather than having a row for each individual item. An idea that could be paired with this, would be to automatically notify contacts when stock of a certain item is getting low (stock management).

You could also convert sold items to revenue, and have them be removed from the current inventory.

Just ideas. :slight_smile: There's different solutions that may work, and we'd be happy to assist with the data modeling around this. :honeybee: