How can we restrict adding existing data to the source table through ADD option in Starter APP?

When adding new entry to the source table using the Form, we need to intimate the user with a Note saying the Value given(Primary key column) is already existing in the table.
We are using Starter App in New Experience Page.
Any help would be highly appreciated !

Hello @Hari-de2d, and welcome to our community!

We appreciate you trying the new experience and thank you for your question. I'm checking with the team to confirm how to accomplish this. I'll reply further with information.

Hi @Hari-de2d ,

I am not sure about the use case but one way to do it is to use single select column in table and provide an option to your user to select from predefined values.

Hi @Hari-de2d,

Thank you, again, for reaching out. Please let us know if @pthakur's suggestion meets your needs.

I've passed on your request to our teams to consider for future development. Since Honeycode keeps our roadmap open and flexible, your feedback directly influences how we build our service. Thank you.

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