How do I add actions to a view?

One the first image you see an action titled: List action navigates to details

I want the same action on a different view.

Can anyone help?

Image of second view:

Hi @Dani-7469,

Welcome to the community and thank you for your question!

It appears that the second list screen does not have a detail screen attached. Here's how you can attach a detail screen, which automatically sets the action for navigation-

Step 1: Navigate to the list screen that does not show the desired action. Then click on the blue plus icon.

Step 2: Here you can add a screen to the app.

Once you select the appropriate screen, you should see the action listed under the "Actions" menu.

Here is an article that has more information about Actions. More New Experience articles and videos are currently being created. I will pass along your question, so our team can create content about it!

Thank you,