How do I make dropdown values to be dependent in a certain value?

Hi Honeycode Community!

How do I make dropdown values to be dependent in a certain value?
For example I have a Shoe in my inventory app and I only want to see the available stocks for that item only. :smile:

Hi @John-ce1c

Welcome to the community! :wave: Great to hear you are building an inventory app :hammer_and_wrench:. Incase you haven’t seen our templates yet, we have an inventory management template that you can use or reference as you build.

For your question around only showing available shoes for the shoe selection a user made, we can do that by leveraging a ‘Column list’ or ‘Stacked list’ in app builder and then using the FILTER() function to display specific items. Here is a handy article on how to add a filter to a list.

Here is a sample I built to show this:

1.) I created a data cell that is a picklist drop down of all the shoes I have. Note: I titled this cell ‘Selected Shoe’

2.) I created a list and added a FILTER() to the source of the filter. My filter is set to only show shoes that the user selected and have not been purchase yet

Here is my sample table for reference
image (15)

3.) As a result in app, when Elite Runner is selected only the two available shoes show

Let me know if this helps or if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help :grinning:


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