How do I stop users from adding duplicate entries?


How do I stop users from adding a duplicate entry? I have tried this solution (Avoiding duplicate values in a table column) and its working perfectly fine. However, it is not notifying the users that they tried to enter a duplicate entry and it has been prevented. (I am not looking for an email notification as it is not practical to send an email each time user tries to enter a duplicate entry.

I am looking for some pop-up notices such as 'The entry already exists in Database' ON THE SCREEN itself. I am not sure if this functionality already exists or is there any other way to achieve it.


Hey @Gaurav_Kothari -

I have done something similar to this with automations. What I do is add automations to the
"add record" button that have a run condition based on if the value is already in the database or not. What you could then do is make sure that if the value is already in the database that no new data is added, and then you could have the screen be refreshed to show a message saying that there was a duplicate entry.

I'm a little pressed for time at the moment, but I hope that points you in the right direction. Feel free to follow up with more questions!

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Hi @Gaurav_Kothari, as @Jared had mentioned, one common approach to this is to use conditional visibility on 2 or more buttons. I suggest you check out the new Employee Onboarding template when you can, as there are a couple good examples of this in there. Specifically, review the New Onboarding Plan and/or Copy Onboarding Template screens, which is where you'll see warnings to the users that the record already exists (and the done button is grayed out as a result).

Hope this helps but certainly reach back out if you get stuck.

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Thank you so much for the valuable inputs @Jared and @aj.
Yes, this is what exactly I was looking for. @aj, I took inspiration from the Copy Onboarding Template screen of Employee Onboarding Template. So basically we are utilizing the power of 'Set Visibility' functionality and making the warning visible only if the condition meets.

Very Helpful.


Awesome to hear @Gaurav_Kothari and thanks for following up. Keep us posted on your building adventures and stop in the community anytime for addt'l help, inspiration, or to inspire us with what you've done. :slight_smile:

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