How do I Transpose Links to Tables?

  1. I am building a stock-count app.
  2. I have a table, STOCK_KEEPING_UNITS, where each row corresponds to one SKU; the first COLUMN is named NAME.
  3. I have another table, STOCK_COUNTS, where the first two COLUMNs are DATE and CONTACT.
  4. From the third COLUMN onwards in STOCK_COUNTS, I want to make [each ROW in STOCK_KEEPING_UNITS] correspond to [a COLUMN in STOCK_COUNTS], such that the field STOCK_KEEPING_UNITS.NAME appears as the header (ROW1) of that COLUMN in STOCK_COUNTS.

What is the most idiomatic way to achieve this programmatically / with links?

Hi @Jerng, thank you for your question and welcome to the community! Wanted to understand your use case a bit more here as I have some concerns about how the STOCK_COUNTS table will scale seeing that you will add a new column for every SKU.

One possible alternative would be to have a table with the Date, Staff Contact, SKU, and SKU Count columns.

Also curious if you've taken a look at the How to Create a Summary Table with Wizards article, as this might help you summarize the SKU data that you are working with as well (might even help you with SKU counts?).

Let us know!