How do we implement Pagination

i have around 50 records, i want to show only Ten at 10 and then rest , How do i do pagination

i have idea of First show 10 records on the Page, keep next button then Fill next 10 so on.

but if you can Add pagination in your list it would be good

hi @Anil-470f,

Can you share some more detail about the pagination you need? Maybe screenshot or use case? Are you looking to modify the number of rows in a page? or are you simply asking for complex pagination (where you change page size, see page numbers, etc...)?

Currently lists are paginated; if they are too long you will see a "Show More" button at the bottom of the list. If you click on it more rows will be shown. This is an example from my app with 170+ rows.

Does that pagination work for you or are you trying to accomplish something else, other than having the ability to show more?

Thank you